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Base rape rule clarification
(01-07-2016, 02:30 AM)Evil! Wrote: I had a Question If their were no players in a Base and what if we shoot that base with Hydra Missiles is it also a Base Rape Situation?

[Image: 16hsx7o.jpg]
Why situation 4 is not good its just a tree not a player Sad
(01-10-2016, 04:47 PM)Valentino Rossi Wrote: Why situation 4 is not good its just a tree not a player Sad

Why would you want to fire at a tree inside a base? There's plenty of them outside bases. 

This rule is to avoid misunderstandings. If you think there's no player inside a base and you kill let's say... a sniper. That sniper will report you for doing base rape even if that wasn't your intention and you were just trying to take the shit out of that nasty tree.
Hi all, I have some doubts about this rule.
How far from the base is considered base rape? ... How far ends the base? ... Should we leave some distance from the base?
For example, in this picture:
  [Image: ojPfQJp.jpg] 

The enemy marked with the red circle, attacked him, is considered base rape? and I can only attack the enemy marked with the green circle.

Or to avoid misinterpretation deemed leave a distance of about 10-15 meters.

[Image: W5cuFjp.jpg] 
Other comments: I thank you for taking the time to read. [b]Kind Regards![/b]
Everyone killed inside the zone on the minimap is considered base rape.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]


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