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Changing forum names - REQUEST HERE!

You all notice the new forums, but there is a minor problem with your usernames. Yes, your nicknames are the same as those you used to login with on SMF. 
If you wish to get a nickname change, please post below following this format:

[b]Current forum name:[/b]
[b]Nick name:[/b]
[b]New forum username:[/b]

Please note the below:
- You will use your new username to access the forums (as logging in).
- All chars are allowed but not the fancy childish ones, also no commas or points at the end or beginning of nicknames.

[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Current forum name: Riskey
Nick name: [UD]Riskey
New forum username: Phoenix
                                                                       Member of United Division[UD]
                                                                                              “Do not hate the player, nor the game...just rule it !! ”

Current forum name: virtuspro
Nick name: [LGC]_Opex[42o]
New forum username: _Opex
Current forum name: MC$
Nick name: [EF]MR.MC$
New forum username: Danger0us
Current forum name: Immortal
Nick name: Eternity
New forum username: Eternity
[Image: lJXmUxy.jpg]
Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
Current forum name:Sudarahan Zunja
Nick name:Super_Sudarshan
New forum name:SGZ7
 [Image: rU5kD94.png]        

                                BE COOL

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