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RWW No Heavy Vehicles Week.
LoL xfir3x
[Image: Tan2014-9-14_23924470_0.jpg]
(07-18-2015, 08:25 PM)xfir3x. link Wrote: [member=3740]Evocator[/member] + all bugs allowed week? :3

As we have many specialists in server who find bugs, make yourself ready to see flying buggers!!!
sawn off and sniper time

[Image: 12166884_951261188268815_1293911060_n.jpg]

[Image: lJXmUxy.jpg]
Trust in dreams, for in them is hidden the gate to eternity.
Yeah it's time to show your real skill....
[Image: UwOcPry.jpg?1]
One part of game(Fun) is lost Big Grin
[Image: 5VU0Dyx.jpg]
[Image: _1438782712-a702b.gif]
"You don't need to be a superhero to get the girl, 
the right girl will bring out the hero in you."
-Wade Wilson/Deadpool-
Was definitely the least annoying weak  Big Grin
[Image: 45969646.png]
Damn man always when I am on Holiday! What about doing it again soon? ;)
Mostly playing Australia, but also Arabia and USA. Actually always playing Australia.

If you need any help concerning the game or the forums feel free to contact me.

Sollten Sie Hilfe im Spiel oder Forum benötigen, können Sie mich kontaktieren.

[Image: ZSiLwD6.png]

That time will come, one day you'll see, when we can all be friends... (Queen)

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