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RWW No Heavy Vehicles Week.
[Image: nQ8uI2a.jpg]

Longly waited for, its back!
For the entire week, no players will be able to drive and pilot heavy vehicles. You will not be able to drive Rhinos, pilot Sea Sparrows, Hydras and Hunters. This event will last for a whole week (end on 25-July-2015). All weapons are still available, and you can always find other ways of defending yourself.

Happy killing!
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Hehe. Awesome!
Hi community members, I'm Kapersky.
[Image: 92ef573ab6c42e6527704a0462f4b1ea.png]
[Image: cDdKBUs.jpg]
[Image: Tan2014-9-14_23924470_0.jpg]
[Image: r7fcbXp.png]
Now Fights on foot. Nice event.
[Image: MDuvilg.png]
You're welcome to throw any questions, I'll be there to help you.
My Hydra </3, Sniping time Wink Anyway nice Wink
[Image: 16dgY3J.jpg?1]
[Image: 20b7acd531.png]
This will be interesting week.
Wohoo! Thanks Evocator.

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