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RWW Version Notes [v8.4.4]
Real World at War TDM v8.4.4 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 21st of June, 2015

[Image: o2xHpMM.png]

Introducing some new features that will change your gameplay forever!  Here is a list of the features.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed some typos in /help dialogs.
- Fixed a bug related to afk capturing.
- IRC fixes, redid the whole formatting.
- Fixed /changenick dialog typos.
- Fixed a bug related to sudden dropouts from the database.
- Spy camera bugs patched.
- Bugs used to kick you when you used spy cameras.

- Removed all the electric, light, and phone poles.
- Added vehicles all over the map (for lost players).
- Thanks to some members who sent me the maps, i remapped all bases and zones.
- Added more vehicle models in bases.
- Added new signs that are useful for new players.
- Some vehicles will be modded, even with nitros.
- Added new tarps for some hangars.

- Added range check for enemies when using /sync.
- Changed /r to /tm, /tr, /tc, /teamradio
- /r is now used to reply to PMs.
- Removed /rpm.
- A new style of coloring when you are dead that sends your state.
- Improved the anti-spam.

- Added 6 new achievements (/achs).
- Reworked the whole ranking system.
- Introducing 23 new ranks: Newbie, Private, Corporal, Specialist, Gunnery, Chief, Master Chief, Ensign, Hero, Lieutenant, Captain, Commander, Major, Sexy, Brigadier, General, Field Marshall, Killer, Warlord, Master Of War, General Of Army, Terminator, God Of War.
- Reworked the achievements, more stable previewing now.
- Classes have new rank requirements now that fits with the new rank structure!

- Introducing two new missions!
- A shooting mission; You will have to shoot the most targets you can in 1 minute to complete the mission.
- A supply drop mission; Enter the nevada mission in desert airport and start a mission to drop supplies over some locations. You need to finish all the drops in 4 minutes to complete the misison.
- /cancel to cancel a mission.
- /mission to start a mission when you're in the suitable location.

Zone Peds
- Changed the ped colors.
- Fixed the map display of peds, they now have icons!
- Peds now can send you PMs.
- Peds are smarter.

Security Questions
- Introducing security questions: a new way to recover lost accounts.
- All players who login for the first time, will get a dialog for a security question.
- We recommend you add a question with an answer to help recover your account later on when you loose the password.
- A question should NOT contain any hint for its answer or your password or then people will have access to your account easily.

Bonus Players
- Bonus players are helpful for new players.
- A new bonus player is selected randomly on random times.
- A bonus player will get $5000 & 1 score point per kill.
- Once a bonus player is selected, it will last for 10 minutes before it expires and another player is selected.
- A bonus can be transferred on kill with bonus cash and score for the killer.
- A bonus is lost on death and disconnect.

- Introducing new vehicle shops!
- Air shops will allow players to purchase air vehicles if non is found (no more cries for no heavy vehicles).
- Land shops will give you vehicle purchase access to some land vehicles and heavy ones.
- Moved Australia's weapon shop.

New commands
- Added a /getids fora list of online players sharing the nickname.
- Removed /ranktd.
- The rank textdraw is now moved to /settings and it saved!

- Introducing genders!
- A new ability for players to change their game sex.
- Female/Male skins will be changed according to teams, arenas and duels.
- /gender to change your gender.
- Gender can be changed in /settings.

- A new display of class selection.
- Reworked the clock syncing, its more stable now.
- A new display of vehicle names.

- Jailing and muting now save!
- Fixed some account bugs.
- Improved the account security system.

Assist Kills
- You can now assist team mates in killing players!
- Players who quit in fights will be fined 10 deaths now and the people who assisted in the take down will get rewards!
- Suicides are included in assist kills.

Locate System
- Introducing a new locating system.
- Removed the checkpoints.
- Added a new arrow that point in the player's direction.
- Added a distance display between the player and the locator.

Donating Players
- Fixed many donor command bugs.
- Fixed a bug with donor achievements.
- Healing and restoring armour now fines a small amount of cash.
- Fixed a bug with the donor chat color.

Hope you enjoy the new update!  Happy killing.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Good Update. Server closed the connection right now, is this due to updates?
Good Update!

Great Update!!!
By the way: Feedback is really appreciated!
Quote:AC$ link=topic=8457.msg54235#msg54235 date=1434835393]
Great Update!!!
[Image: mYB9soK.jpg]
[move][Image: vkvJ5fg.pngg][/move]
Gg Big Grin
[Image: r7fcbXp.png]
(06-21-2015, 12:42 AM)Trissmoss link Wrote: The whole map looks like it was lazily thrown together. You took the ONE good COD server and ruined it.

Honestly embarrassed to see such low quality work, and copied work. We can all tell you didn't map or code half of this new shit.
nice update [member=3740]Evocator[/member]

[Image: 12166884_951261188268815_1293911060_n.jpg]


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