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RWW Version Notes [v8.4.2] - SA-MP 0.3.7
Real World at War TDM v8.4.2 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 9th of May, 2015

[Image: Sy0J4wC.gif]

Hello everyone, as you all (may) know, SA-MP 0.3.7 has been released! SA-MP 0.3.7 adds some new features. For a complete list of the new changes, visit the http://www.sa-mp.com. Also, you will need the new 0.3.7 client to join the server (click here to download) or else you'll get some not responding messages.

N.B: We recommend you uninstall the old 0.3z browser and reinstall the new one and not overwrite or you will face some crashes.

Also, i would like to say that I updated the script too! New features:

- Patched a duel bug were you may desync while in arenas and refuse a duel.
- Removed the /ep command, purchase from the shop now.
- Fixed a typo in /ranks
- Fixed a bug where /duels displayed the running duel twice.
- Zones will now display the seconds for everyone whos standing in the checkpoint.
- Donor spies can now /dcloak
- You can now sit in the passenger seat of an unoccupied vehicle.
- Removed /admins and added /donors instead.
- Patched the mine bugs.
- Only scouts & pilots can drive seasparrows.
- Decreased zonebonus time, so now you can get more zone bonuses.
- Sends you a screen message if a guy you're shooting at is pausing.
- Changed the class display info, /classhelp shows all classes.
- Better clock syncing, moved it to the 'worldtime' rule in the SA-MP browser.
- I changed the algorithm of securing passwords, its more secure now!
- Changed some messages styles/colors.
- Some new dialog styles.
- Spree ending gives 1 point on 3 kills and extra per each kill.
- Added more minigun arena fences, we can now say RIP campers.
- Added zone messages in chat when screen TDs are switched off.
- You can now set group names upto 20 chars long, this system is yet to be improved later on.
- Fixed the "spawn protection" text that used to pop up for players while not protected.
- Fixed the problem with command's names / id, where you wanted to type the full name for it to work, but no longer!
- Forcing death on /qdm for multiple reasons.
- Paratroop dialog typo.
- Added a back button for the command dialogs.
- Patched a bug related to online score bonus.
- Patched a bug related to weapon sprees and weapon names.
- Added you some funny peds all over the map (on each zone), hope you enjoy it. But don't shoot them, they're aggressive!
- INCOB 1.9.3
- Added to your stats duels won/losts where they save.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

I was going to call you legendary, now I am just going have to say chicken.
[Image: Jy9xTo6.jpg]
nice updates
1. can pilots drive hydra+hunter or only sea sparrows
Immortal Force [iF]

[Image: OhuqxOE.jpg]
Hell Yeah Nice Big Grin
Awesome update.  8)
[Image: MDuvilg.png]
You're welcome to throw any questions, I'll be there to help you.
Only 2 days passed I learned how to camp and you removed it alreadySad.

Anyway in gonna have to say you are the best!
[B][MOVE] [color=Red][size=9pt]You Only Live Once.[/MOVE]

[Image: Nbh2xjH.png]

Need any help regarding forum or game?  PM XanandX or Trevor![b]
I updated the client. The server is running? Or just me not using it "off"?
[Image: fJtdCNw.png]
I am [SKF]Infantil aka aeQwilibriumWow aka [nWu]STi_[LGC] aka [LGC]__THE.BOO[iF] aka [LGC]Dr_____bOo[iF] aka [LGC]OutSideBOO[iF] aka [LGC]WuQ1xBeatz[iF] aka [LGC]#MLX.eFFect[iF] aka [LGC]_=THE.BOO=_[iF] aka [LGC]Gamb1TT.cfg[iF] aka [LGC]_=.xBOOx.=_[iF] aka [LGC](==TABOO==)[iF] aka aequilibrium]iF[LGC]
Read the news boo.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

-Removed the /ep command, purchase from the shop now.

:/ not good
[Image: 8g3q8r.png]
Nice Update.
[Image: Tan2014-9-14_23924470_0.jpg]

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