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RWW Version Notes [v8.4.1].
Real World at War TDM v8.4.1 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 1st of April, 2015

- Changed Russia back to Soviet.
- Improved the spam protection.
- Created a new command system, more stable.
- Patched an /sp dialog color.
- Rank promotions fixed.
- No more session deaths count for unfair kills.
- Bonus zone gives 1 score for initial team who keeps the zone safe!
- You will now get an extra score point every hour you spend online.
- Added a paratroop class! Have the ability to paratroop over enemy bases(/pt). Rank 6 is needed. You will get a flare for 30 seconds along
- Players can now cancel the login dialog and get a temp name.
- Added mines for demolitions (/dmine)
- Fixed death counts for some unusual deaths
- Darkened the death state color a bit.
- Support class can no longer drive a rhino due to abuse.
- Added a limit to the ammo of weapons to avoid abuse.
- Medic class reduced to rank 4.
- 100 Ammo on 3 killing sprees, and removed the useless chainsaw.
- 40 seconds flare on 20 killing spree!
- Support command modifications! You are no longer given score points on commands and will pay $500 on every player you support with weapons, sorry area51 campers!
- /rank will now show the prestige weapons.
- AFK sign on pm when you message pausing players.
- Advanced weapon stats! View it by /sts or /wpsts. That will also save your weapon sprees and reward you on that!
- /dprestige now saves an extra prestige weapon and spawns you with extra 200 ammo.
- /changenick to dialogs! LGC tag members can change their nicknames ingame now!
- Patched the bug of players having a weapon while drivers.
- Added a check for cheaters with CJ skin and an invalid state.
- 3 new achievements.
- Changed the server's stats look. (note that this will be changed accoring to the above poll which will be closed in one week, please be honest.)
- Clock will be active once you connect.
- Connect/Disconenct messages are now on the chat. You can disable them by /settings.
- You can also disable the screen textdraws by /settings.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Nice patch
Great Updates and Patches
I love everything about new version! Looks pretty sick in-game now!
Administrator Level 1   Radio DJ Donor Level 2 LGC Tag Holder
[Image: LNO7FnM.png]
Good Work Evocator , We Need your Nick Back to Incognito Wink !
[Image: 30ktxf4.png]
[align=center][shadow=red,right][glow=blue,3,600] if You Need Any Help PM Me ( GAME/FORUMS ) [/glow][/shadow]
waw good work, thank you.
[Image: image.png]
Great update.

I dont try it but it looks awesome, specially with paratrooper.

But I think its better to add chainsaw to 5 killing sprees because its useful to spies like me.

Anyway thanks for update.
[Image: Thanks+for+a+constructive+reply+you+sir+...baa64.jpeg]
good work  ;D

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