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RWW Version Notes [v8.35].
Real World at War TDM v8.35 Release Notes:
Update Implemented on: 18th of February, 2015

- A new spawn protection system! 12 seconds in bases and 6 seconds while under /sp, but thats not all! You can now press N to disable spawn protection.
- Your last logon is now more accurately displayed (not the first time).
- Major bug fixes.
- Stability improvements. 
- INCOB v1.69
- No more vehicle capture.
- Fixed a bug with the anti-spam, and made it better
- Donors level 2 now take 18 seconds to capture.
- Donors now have reductions on nickname changes! Level 1 for $150k and Level 2 for free.
- A better, more secure database.
- A duel parachute bug was patched, removed some weapons from dueling.
- Changed the minigundm area! No more bugged players due to rocks.
- Added an anti g-abuse.
- You will now be frozen if you attempted to jack your mates.
- Temp removed sniper arena, due to abuse.
- Added more spawn points in bases.
- USA color is more bright now.
- You can now stop receiving duel invitations with /noduelinv.
-Fixed the indicator system, hopefully will no longer desync and display your kills in helis.
- Updated the ranks! Nuking is now on rank 5, airstrikes and toxins on rank 1. (http://lgsamp.com/forum/index.php?topic=6788.0)
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

I am really glad that you added some of the suggestions.
Good Job, incognito!
[Image: cam00921.jpg]
Nice update !! Big Grin
[Image: tumblr_inline_ngg3w5Dhhh1s6dak1.gif]
The best update !

Thank You
LOL We Found That Bug With Parachute in Duel with Anand And Noob What a Speed!
All Can Shoot But Less Can Aim!
A beautiful version of the server.
Thank you for working these innovations. Smile
Rename Mecha in Mecha[EF] the 18/03/2015...
Big Grin BEST update.you have fixed a lot of bugs.
Perfect.. 8)

Well Most of the server might not aggre with the Updates but... I like them
The Server crashes frequently. Sad


1. bcz of this my game is frequently hanged i have to do shut down and restart my PC again and again game hanged

2. no more camping in /mgdm pls add it again this was so cool


1. car jackers will be frozen nice for them
2. pls add my suggestion to this update also see it here>>

Immortal Force [iF]

[Image: OhuqxOE.jpg]

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