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Hi everyone, we are just running a cleanup on the server. This might take upto 24 hours, until then im afraid you cannot access the server. But guess what! We're releasing a new version after that!
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

New Version, Yeahh!!!!
[Image: cam00921.jpg]
24 Hours Sad
[Image: 30ktxf4.png]
[align=center][shadow=red,right][glow=blue,3,600] if You Need Any Help PM Me ( GAME/FORUMS ) [/glow][/shadow]
I can make it 2 hours downtime if someone offers chicken..
[Image: Jy9xTo6.jpg]
(02-17-2015, 10:40 PM)SledgeHammer link Wrote: I can make it 2 hours downtime if someone offers chicken..

I am delivering that sh*t to you right now!
[Image: cam00921.jpg]
Ok.. 10 KFC bukkits pls.
[Image: Jy9xTo6.jpg]
OK, I just read the information.
Rename Mecha in Mecha[EF] the 18/03/2015...
Lets allow the server to have a night sleep, with out any hackers so on and fourth. Incognito will be here tomorrow to re-open the server, so stay with us!

I have done my job on behalf of Limitless Gaming (nearly crashing my computer).

Kind Regards,
[Image: Jy9xTo6.jpg]
Hi, good news! I'm nearly done.
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

so when will we able to play? Big Grin i'm so bored here -_- please please make it quick Big Grin and tell me about the version too .. shall i upgrade samp or not? thanks Smile
fuck yeah

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