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Regarding cheaters
Lately, I've noticed the increasing amount of players that announce 'cheaters/hackers' in the global chat. If the cheater is smart, he will disable his cheats because he knows that someone caught him.
If you use /report, the cheater has no idea that he got reported.

You also unlock an achievement when you report for the first time

Here is an example:

What NOT to do:
[Image: 9c61f966cb.jpg]

What you SHOULD do:
[Image: adf8aff24c.jpg]
understood Smile btw why 69? O.o
fuck yeah
Quote:Fkyeah link=topic=6618.msg35322#msg35322 date=1423185644]
understood Smile btw why 69? O.o

Look around my pics and you will find out why.

Yes, I always keep saying to the players "use /report" , and to stop saying it in the main chat. That way it will be much easier for you guys, but they don't listen.
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lol @ these threads
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

(02-05-2015, 10:05 PM)Klaphark link Wrote: If the cheater is smart, he will disable his cheats because he knows that someone caught him.
the question is how if he is not smart?
lol Big Grin
[Image: 2j3nxc4.jpg]
Yea yea,i just 10000...times told these guys not to announce these cheaters but they don't have EYES to see my advice to report them not to make them escape.

Anyways thank you Admin Klaphark  ;D
(02-06-2015, 05:40 AM)incognito link Wrote: lol @ these threads

I can understand your feelings... Big Grin
I understand the frustration Wink
yes i saw soo many guys sying the hackers names in main chat
i am telling them to use /report id reason please dont say his\her name in main chat
again they was telling their name in main chat some one spammed like that an admin muted him
its better put a mod like
if we type hack and click enter in the chat it will say if oyu saw a hacker pelase use /report id reason then it wont allows us to type hack nad like that put all the cheat names if they told god mod the n it sould come like

if oyu saw a hacker pelase use /report id reason 

then al will use /report id reason


thank  you
well when see a hacker i use / report but on that time no admin online so i say thier name so that they go and turn off hacks sometimes admins dont help me
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