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RWW's Christmas Update.
[Image: voxYxY2.png]


In spite of our new IP change (, this isn't much of a new update as we just want to celebrate a special 2015 with you all.
The RWW Holidays Update is now running on the server with some new features;

- Christmas decoration.
- You'll be given a santa hat once every you spawn (toggled by /hat).
- Santa will be dropping you all random gifts randomly but you need to have your santa hat on Sad.
- Christmas trees are distributed all around the map and gifts are placed under each, /gift to collect them!
- You must wait until Santa refills your gift box under each tree.
- $500 & 1 score point for each kill.
- /newyear or /2015 for something cool!
- Admins can send gifts to players.

In other news, and to make this year's holidays full of fun i'm making a Christmas game, check up on it here.

Hope you enjoy this!
[Image: pN18I3q.gif]

Looking forward to this.
[Image: Jy9xTo6.jpg]
i Love This Update  ;D
Nice Work Limitless Gaming Team
[Image: 30ktxf4.png]
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Great Update! Smile
Nice update ._.
Nice update. Ty you Santa Infagnito <3
[Image: 8UZoJ4J.png]

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Looks great  Wink
any special event???
I loved the hat, please leave it in the server the all year *u*
(12-20-2014, 11:41 PM)xXTheBoomberMenXx link Wrote: i Love This Update  ;D
Nice Work Limitless Gaming Team

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