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Account's Passwords - READ THIS!
Hello everyone,

First of, you must know that your account is your responsibility, if it got accessed by anyone or for any reason, this means that you are the one responsible for it and not us.

If you forgot your password, you have one and only one option to get it back or it will be lost! Be responsible when changing your password, and keep it noted somewhere safe.
If you forgot your password, you can access the server and type three wrong attempts (fail to login):
- You will get a temp name [if you haven't set a security question] which we do not recommend.
- You will get a dialog that leads you to reset your password [security question].

Security questions:

Again, i repeat myself. You and only you are responsible if your account get hacked or accessed by any means.

If you ever forgot your password, security questions help you recover it or else the case would be nearly impossible and your account will be lost. Security questions and their answers should stay secret and only you should know the answer.
Your security question must not hint you (or anyone else) of your current password or its answer because it will be displayed to anyone who fails to login under your nickname and attempts to access it.
Once anyone (or you) fails to login under your nickname, he will be redirected to a dialog displaying the current security question in which he has to answer. The answer should be exactly the same as saved before. Once you type in the correct answer you will get a changing password request, type in the new password and after that, login and keep your password safe!

Keeping your passwords safe:

- We never ask for your password, nor you should give it to use too! Your password is hidden and no one can access it!
- Do not share your passwords with anyone, for any reason.
- Do not use the same password elsewhere (and especially on SA-MP servers).
- If you do use social media to interact with other players, we strongly advise that you make sure your privacy settings do not allow other players to see your personal information, or use an account that is not your "real-life" account. We take no responsibility for whatever happens to your personal information if you choose to use it in such ways.

Thank you!
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thank you very much
Just one thing,Thank You  Wink
thx dude

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I see a guy in the chat showing some accounts with passwords @_@ but i dont know if is real or lie D:

User has been warned
"we make a living by what we get ... but we make a life by what we give"
Thank you Smile
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(05-30-2015, 05:10 AM)NehadBiceps link Wrote:So dear Evocater
I Have 2 System i mean i have laptop and pc I want to login my pc account to my laptop Bcz i have 6 rank in my pc And 0 Rank in Laptop i want to play equaly so what can i do

Thank you

login with username "NehadBiceps" from both systems.
but remember: you can only operate this account with one system at a time
TY Evo
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