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An easy and quick way to monitor your ping
Hey people,

As most of you probably know, SAMP is extremely unforgiving regarding sudden changes of your ping. In most cases, you will be desynced - to check if your are desynced, just use the /sync command inGame. If the command works, then you are not desynced. If the command does not work, you are desynced and you will have to quit the game and re-join.

This can be extremely annoying. It is especially likely to happen if many people are using one connection and someone (for example) starts to watch a YouTube video while you are playing SAMP. Still, it is not always clear whether your connection is to blame or actually the server. Thats why I started to monitor my ping. This works as follows:

[Image: 53QoWts.png]
To sum up: You can now see when your connection had which ping! That means, if you are desynced, you will always know if it was the fault of your connection or if the server had a problem.

Some unnecessary details for interested people: One clear "ping behaviour" which will desync you:

[Image: YHMhQ6h.png]
Mostly playing Australia, but also Arabia and USA. Actually always playing Australia.

If you need any help concerning the game or the forums feel free to contact me.

Sollten Sie Hilfe im Spiel oder Forum benötigen, können Sie mich kontaktieren.

[Image: ZSiLwD6.png]

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This'll help those who either a) didn't know this or b) needed to know.

Good guide, Ian.
Awesome, @ian you're cool
Thanks. ping -t http://www.google.com.pk
[Image: eWjGaDJ.jpg]

Good job.
(02-28-2016, 04:04 AM)Goon Wrote: This'll help those who either a) didn't know this or b) needed to know.

Good guide, Ian.

great !
(02-28-2016, 11:25 AM)MC$ Wrote: Good job.
[Image: qxB5iVL.png.png]

Good Job
 [Image: rU5kD94.png]        

                                BE COOL
Good Job
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